Investment Managers


The following Investment Managers co-host portfolios with Sanne Management Company, which are available for investment.

Investor Application forms as well as instruction forms are made available under each Investment Manager link.

Fund Documents such as Minimum Disclosure Documents are displayed per co-hosted Investment Manager link below.


36ONE Asset Management
Absa Alternative Asset Management
Acumen Capital
AG Capital
AIP Capital Management
Alt Re Capital Management
Anchor Capital
Baymont Wealth
BlueAlpha Investment Management
Éxito Investment Managers
Fairtree Asset Management
Florin Capital Management
Global & Local Investment Advisors
Marble Rock Asset Management
Oakhaven Capital
Polar Star Management
Protea Capital Management
Salient Quantitative Investment Management
Saltlight Capital Management 
Skybound Capital
Southchester Investment Managers 
Steer Capital Management
Steyn Capital Management
Taquanta Asset Managers
Terebinth Capital
Unum Capital 
Visio Fund Management
Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management
X-Chequer Fund Management


If you would like to act as an independent advisor to the Sanne Management Company portfolios, an application form can be downloaded Application form.

Please note the completion of the above form and approval of such is subject the discretion of the Sanne Management Company.