Total Expense Ratios - Unit Trust Q3 2022



 The percentage of the average Net Asset Value (NAV) of the portfolio that was incurred as charges, levies and fees related to the management of the portfolio. A higher TER does not necessarily imply a poor return, nor does a low TER imply a good return. The current TER cannot be regarded as an indication of future TER's.



NB: An asterix (*) indicates both the TER and performance are not included or disclosed due to the fact that the fund has been in existence for less than 12 months.


Funds TER % (Excluding Performance Fee Component) TER % (Including Performance Fee Component)
AG Capital Value Flexible SNN Fund 1.72% 1.72%
BACCI SNN Equity Fund 1.39% 1.39%
Global & Local SNN Balanced Fund of Funds 1.21% 1.21%
Global & Local SNN Equity Fund   0.82% 0.82%
Global & Local SNN Offshore Equity Fund 1.10% 1.10%
Global & Local SNN Worldwide Flexible Fund 0.89% 0.89%
Taquanta Active Income SNN Fund 0.81% 0.81%
Taquanta Equity SNN Fund 1.63% 1.76%
Taquanta Interest Income SNN Fund 0.62% 0.62%
Taquanta SNN Bond Fund 0.77% 0.97%
Oakhaven SNN Bond Fund 0.55% 0.55%
Oakhaven SNN Core Income Fund  0.60% 0.60%
Saltlight SNN WW Flexible Fund 0.14% 0.14%
SNN Money Market Fund  0.57% 0.57%
Steer SNN Stable Fund 1.04% 1.04%